7 every time snacks to have in the winter season

Snacking isn't just a great way to satiate your taste buds, it also plays a crucial role in keeping your blood sugar levels in check. (1)

Winter season is marked by a snug atmosphere, cosy evenings, hot chocolates and all things that are fuzzy and warm. Winter snacks deserve a special mention because snacking takes on a different meaning all together during this season.

We don't think that there is anything more comforting than sitting in your blanket with your favourite winter snacks and enjoying your favourite television series. That’s some dreamy stuff right! We have put together a list of warm snacks for winter and some corresponding winter snack recipes for your reference.  

Healthy winter snacks you can have anytime

Snacking doesn’t have to be just about empty calories. You can opt for healthy winter snacks that will enrich your body with nutrients and energy while tingling your taste buds. 

These are some of the best winter snacks you can make for yourself and your families. 

Write snacks’ advantages and when & how you can have them

1. Desi ghee besan ladoo

Pure desi ghee besan ladoos are amongst the most sought after winter snacks. These ladoos are delicious and they are loved by elders and kids alike. Jaggery powder has ultimate benefits and should be used in sweets.

Benefits :

  • Desi ghee, which is one of the primary ingredients of this snack can play an essential role in boosting your immune system and helping you get gorgeous skin as well! (1)  
  • This is a very wholesome snack because it will satiate your taste buds while keeping your stomach happily full. 
  • The best thing is that this snack can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

When to have :

These ladoos can be enjoyed with a glass of milk in the morning. You can also have them after meals as a healthy dessert option. 

Besan Laddoo

2. Roasted makhana

Makhanas have been given the status of superfood for all the right reasons. Roasted makhanas are a powerhouse of nutrients and the perfect winter snack. 


  • Makhanas are rife with antioxidants which make them an amazing snack option. 
  • The inflammatory and anti ageing properties of this delicious snack will allow you to munch on these (guilt free)!
  • You can always serve these as an accompaniment to tea or coffee to your guests. 

When to have :

You can enjoy this snack while sitting around the bonfire with your friends and family. These are great for consumption during any time of the day. 

Roasted Makhana

3. Atta pinni

This is the most loved winter snack and in addition to impeccable taste, it has an impressive nutritional content as well.

Benefits :

  • The wheat flour which is used for making these pinnis is full of various antioxidants, protein, fibre etc. the wholesome goodness of this snack will make you want to crave it more and more. 
  • This sweet snack is a great food choice for lactating mothers. 

When to have :

You can have atta pinnis with a warm glass of milk, yea or coffee during any time of the day. In addition to being a yummy snack, these pinnis are very filling as well. 

Atta Pinni

4. Vanilla and cocoa cookies 

This is a great tea time snack and you can also serve it to your guests for high tea. 

Benefits :

  • It tastes heavenly and it will spruce up your snacking experience.
  • These are very easy to lake and you can quickly prepare them when your guests arrive. 
  • If your child is a stingy eater, he/she is definitely going to love this. 

When to eat :

You can have these cookies with any warm beverage. You can also have a cookie or two after your meals to tingle your sweet tooth. 


5. Banana cookies :

Everybody loves banana cookies without fail and it is one of the best winter snacks you can keep at home. 

Benefits :

  • Bananas can take care of your heart health and also optimise your digestive function. (3
  • These cookies have a great taste and they are quite simple to prepare. 

When to eat :

You can consume banana cookies whenever you like. Having said that, it is advisable to consume this snack in moderation, if you wish to avoid putting on extra weight. 

6. Banana bread 

Who doesn’t fancy some warm banana bread with a cup of coffee on a chilly winter evening? We sure do! 

Benefits :

  • Banana bread doubles as a cake and you can prepare it to serve it as a tea cake with tea or coffee.
  • Bananas are full of antioxidants and they are an excellent food choice for augmented energy levels. Since they are a primary ingredient in this dish, this snack becomes a powerhouse of energy.

When to eat :

You can have banana bread with milk or you can have it as dessert. You can also have a few slices of this snack while lounging and watching your favourite show. 

Banana Bread

7. Mixed Dry Fruits and Seeds 

You can keep an assortment of nuts and seeds in your room and snack drawer. These are super healthy and infused with many nutrients. 

Benefits :

  • Mixed nuts and seeds are packed with many vital nutrients and they will be helpful in replenishing the nutrient levels of your body.
  • By taking care of your immunity levels (4), a mixture of seeds and nuts will help you in braving the winter chill effectively. These edible seeds are good for kids too.
  • This is a great snack option for those who are looking for low calorie and healthy snack options. 

When to eat:

These can be consumed first thing in the morning or during any time of the day. This is a perfect snack choice for kids as well. 

Mixed Dry Fruits


1. What are some outdoor snacks for cold weather?

Imagine sitting around a bonfire with your family and friends and enjoying the embrace of the simmering warmth from the burning embers of the bonfire. Organic peanut chikki, organic shakkar para are some of the best outdoor snacks that you can choose for cold weather. 

2. What are winter finger foods?

Some of the best winter finger foods that you can enjoy this season include potato chips,  onion rings etc. You can serve winter finger foods during an evening get together while relaxing with your loved ones. 

3. What can be made in winter party snacks?

A number of dishes can be included in winter party snacks. You can prepare and serve jacket potatoes, grilled vegetables, nachos with dip among other things at your next winter party.

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