Go for Healthy Savoury Snacks for Munching

While the data on whether snacking helps with weight reduction is inconsistent, some evidence suggests that snacking can help regulate appetite and improve blood sugar homeostasis.

One must aim for consuming healthy savoury snacks that are high in protein, fibre, and healthy fats since they can help you stay fuller for longer. 

To keep your snack game fresh, choose two (or three!) items from this list and mix them up to obtain a wonderful diversity of nutrients, flavours, and textures—protein and carbohydrates, salted and sugary, creamy and fudgy. Keep them near your home (or business) desk or in the kitchen as an excuse to stand up a hunger during evenings and afternoons!

We look for easy, delicious alternatives to fulfil hunger pangs, to grab a quick bite in the middle of a busy workday, and to rest and unwind with some evening munchies after a full day of work. All of this pushes us to consume fatty foods, which are harmful to our health. This can have a lot of detrimental health repercussions in the long run. Healthy Indian snacks, on the other hand, can keep you energised and pleased throughout the day.

It does not imply that one should give up on food or taste. All we need to do now is discover healthy and flavorful alternatives. Most savoury snacks are already "grab-and-go," meaning they're quick savoury snacks for the office. Many quick snacks, on the other hand, forgo nourishment for the sake of convenience. That's why we've compiled a list of healthy Indian snack ideas that you can carry with you wherever you go. You can keep hunger at bay at any time with these guilt-free solutions.

Savoury Snacks and Their Nutritional Benefits 

1. Organic Chakli 

Chakli, also known as Murukku, is a spiral-shaped fried food popular throughout the country. We used natural, unprocessed ingredients and a simple but delicious recipe to make this popular snack nutritious. These Chaklis are whole wheat, deliciously crispy, and mildly flavoured, making them a great addition to your tea time snack bag!

Organic Chakli

2. Namak Para 

Namak para or namak pare as it's often known, is the ideal accompaniment to your evening chai. Our rendition of the classic Namak Paras was crunchy and mildly spicy, and it satisfies your hunger without leaving you feeling guilty. Enjoy these bites with your morning or evening tea and coffee, as a picnic snack, or as part of your travel pack made with whole wheat and deliciously baked maida free namak para!

Order our Namak para online and have it delivered to your house in no time.

Namak Para

3. Aloo Bhujia Spicy 

From our kitchen, a traditional Indian snack! Aloo Bhujia is one of those snacks where you don't mess with the recipe! We've stuck to it, but we've spiced up this dish with high-quality components! Ideal as a standalone snack or as a garnish for chaat dishes and salads!

Aloo Bhujia


4. Methi Mathri Baked 

It's the right balance of flavour and memories. Our whole-wheat, baked savoury snacks Mathri is lightly seasoned with dried Methi powder and makes a delicious snack or side dish. Add a pickle and some love to finish it off. It is one of the best savoury snack ideas for kids

Baked Methi Mathri

5. Roasted Salted Peanuts 

Roasted salted peanuts are an evergreen snack that's full of energy and flavour! We roast premium grade peanuts with Himalayan Pink Salt to create this nutritious and delicious snack that can be eaten right out of the package.

6. Roasted Masala Peanuts 

The evergreen masala peanuts, also known as masala groundnuts, are combined with top- grade, roasted peanuts and an in-house combination of mild spices like amchur, black pepper, and salt. Roasted masala peanuts are a classic, healthful, and tasty snack that is ready to eat right out of the package.

7. Amarnath & Rice Namkeen 

The savoury namkeen is baked rather than fried, making it a healthful alternative to potato-based munchies. It contains Amaranth and Peanuts, which are both nutritious. The flavour will bring you on a relaxing trip to the south.


8. Amarnath & Ragi Nachos Tangy Tomato 

Tangy, crispy, and baked to perfection! Our Amaranth & Ragi Nachos are produced in-house using a customised recipe that adds a unique and wonderfully healthful touch. They're a simple and delicious way to include gluten-free, super-grains in your regular diet. Snacking is never a terrible idea when you have a pack of these nachos on hand:) It's great with homemade hummus, guacamole, or our Tomato Pickles!


Why Choose I Say Organic

I Say Organic is dedicated to offering the highest quality organic foods possible, to make the planet chemical-free. The quality control of the given products is ensured by regular lab examinations of the basic ingredients. A pool of farmers who produce the raw material organically assists us in consistently offering our best and upholding our promise to clients to provide natural organic foods online. We have everything you need to enjoy your long summer days with the best savoury snacks online. During this summer season do try our baked savoury snacks online. So what are you waiting for, even on your cheat diet days buy savoury snacks online from I Say Organic and choose to stay healthy while munching!!! Apart from healthy savoury snacks, we provide fresh fruits & vegetables, rice, lentils & pulses, millets & grains, dried spices, dry fruits & seeds and much more at one click only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are good Savoury snacks?

Ans: A Savoury Snack is anything healthy yet tasty to eat. Onion and multi seed crackers, spicy amaranth & ragi nachos, aloo bhujia are some of the best items to munch on these summers!

Q2: What are healthy alternatives to chips?

Ans: Go for baked Methi Mathri from I Say Organic, having been baked it does not contain oil and is good for health.  

Q3: What are some refreshing savoury foods?

Ans: Well in summer we all worry about what to eat which keeps us hydrated as well as good for our health. For all the spicy food lovers, Aloo Bhujia Spicy and Roasted Masala Peanut are a must-try. Namak Para, Amarnath Ragi nachos and rice namkeen will satisfy your hunger game!

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