Spreading Happiness with Nithya Shanti

Last week we celebrated World Happiness Week (International Day of Happiness)! We realized all of us often ask the same, basic yet the ultimate question - How to be happy?
What does it take.. what can we do?
It can take an entire lifetime to ideally understand what “happiness” is. It depends on what happiness means to each individual. But that basic feeling of contentment is something we all can get – with just a little bit of guidance. To set us in the right direction and make us understand the simplicity behind being happy, we invited Nithya Shanti to conduct an interactive session with our viewers.
For those of you who are not familiar with Nithya – he is an ambassador of conscious living and is famous for the healthy dose of humour and light -heartedness in his life’s teachings.
We’ve picked out some of the best moments from the interaction. It was so beautiful (yet practical) that we couldn’t help but document it!
“I create my own suffering”
We are responsible for our own happiness and suffering. We need to take responsibility for our emotions and actions. (The power of this statement is immense, when we take control of our emotions - we become unstoppable)

“Step over here where it’s always cool”
In the present moment, life is just the way it is. We complicate it with our expectations of how it should be. When we align ourselves with our circumstances, even if we are suffering we will find calmness. (With so much competition around us, it’s hard for the mind to stay quiet and content. But what we forget is that we create our own problems, our own competition – while being our biggest competition ourselves! Sometimes, there is no hindrance but just the ‘mind’. Breathe, calm down, stretch – think clearly. Step over to where it’s cool.)
Nithya also suggesShower Power!ted some simple meditation techniques that we can practice everyday. A little snippet..

Power of Pause
For 10 seconds in the day just drop everything and be more present. Concentrate on your breath and your environment and see the difference in your mood! (Instant mood changer – it slows down the pace of your mind and helps you concentrate on the present, on nothing – but everything. It helps block the noise!).
5 Minute Miracle of Love
We all have challenging situations or relationships in our lives. By directing positive thoughts and energies towards these situations - be it a person, a thing or a moment – for 5 minutes, we could help in improving the outcome. (It’s hard to concentrate initially or even have loving thoughts towards an unfavourable situation, but keep trying slowly and the thoughts flow.)
Nithya’s teachings are relevant, insightful and incredibly practical for implementation in our busy lives. Just take that time out for yourself and see yourself becoming more content, aware and in the long run, happy.
Catch the entire conversation here - https://bit.ly/2pKVh90

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