Why You Start Using Himalayan Pink Salt Rather Than Regular Salt

What comes to your mind first when we ask you about one of the staple kitchen ingredients which is responsible for making your savoury dish flavourful? Salt, isn’t it? 

From the tempting rajma chawal to the delectable pani puri there is one thing in common and that’s salt. 

However, recently, there has been an ongoing debate among various dieticians, food influencers and experts in the field about why one should start using Himalayan Pink Salt over regular table salt.

Well, to come to an end result, it is important to understand the difference between the two. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through the nutritional profile as well as the various benefits of Himalayan pink salt which makes it more beneficial than regular salt. 

What Is Himalayan Pink Salt?

The pink-coloured salt is mined from the Himalayan region in Pakistan. But do you also wonder what gives the salt its pink colour? It’s the trace minerals present in the salt that give it a pink hue. As compared to regular salt, the Himalayan pink salt is less processed, thus, making it full of minerals and vital nutrients. At I Say Organic, we source this pink salt from one of its only mining locations, thousands of feet under the Himalayas in Sindh, Pakistan. Famously known as Sendha Namak, the salt is majorly used during fast. 

As compared to regular table salt, sendha namak is advantageous during fasting as it keeps the body cold from the inside, unlike other salts, which have a hotter potency. Sendha namak gives you an energy boost by regulating your body's electrolyte levels, which are crucial for keeping you going throughout a fast because they are low in sodium and rich in potassium.

Pink Himalayan Salt Nutritional Value

The harvesting process of pink salt allows it to retain many of its nutrients and it contains over 80 different minerals and elements! So 1g of Himalayan pink salt contains: 

  • 0.0369mg - Iron
  • 368 mg - Sodium 
  • 1.6mg - Calcium,
  • 2.8 mg - Potassium, and 
  • 1.06mg - Magnesium. 

Overall, it contains less sodium chloride than regular table salt and more trace minerals.

How Does Himalayan Pink Salt Differ From Regular Table Salt?

organic himalayan salt

Here is why you must opt for the Himalayan Pink Salt over Regular table salt:

  • One of the main benefits of sendha namak is that it contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron than table salt and also contains less sodium, which plays a role in increasing your blood pressure.
  • The abundance of minerals present in the Himalayan Pink Salt helps boost your immune system and fight disease by regulating your body’s normal processes. 
  • While regular table salt is usually processed and refined before being packaged, one of the Himalayan salt benefits is that it is very minimally processed and naturally retains most of its nutritional value.

#ISOTIP: You can use it on various fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance the taste.

Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

The various health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt are: 

  • Full Of Nutrients 

As mentioned above, the Himalayan Pink Salt is unrefined and unbleached, hence it is abundant in essential minerals and vitamins, all of which are essential for the healthy functioning of our body.  The Himalayan Pink Salt from I Say Organic comprises of 80 other minerals and trace elements than regular salt, including the naturally occurring iodine. 

#ISOTIP: Sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt on your cut fruits to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack.

  • Helps Balance Blood Pressure

Because the Himalayan pink salt contains less sodium than table salt, it may help regulate blood pressure better.

#ISOTIP: Help reduce blood pressure by adding pink salt to all your dishes, such as whole wheat rotis.

  • Eases Respiratory Problems

Free from chemicals or contaminants, Himalayan salt is the purest type of salt. Ancient Greeks used to clear their respiratory tracks and made breathing easier by using pink Himalayan salt. The symptoms of illnesses including asthma and sinus infections may be lessened with pink Himalayan salt. (1)

#ISOTIP: Use pink salt with your morning tea or add it to your soup for more benefits.

  • Aids In Clean & Clear Skin

Pink Himalayan salt has detoxifying effects that may help eliminate toxins from the body and promote clean, soft and supple skin. An imbalance in the pH of the skin is one cause of acne. The skin's pH can be balanced by pink Himalayan salt, which also helps to maintain clear skin. (2)

  • Promote Sound Sleep

Himalayan pink salt's significant mineral content may make it easier for you to fall asleep peacefully. Sleep patterns that are inconsistent and disturbed can result from a low-sodium diet. Stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol. Melatonin may be hindered by cortisol, which may benefit the sleep hormone. 

#ISOTIP: Use Himalayan Pink Salt with your Kuttu ka atta recipes during your fasts.

How to Choose and Use Himalayan Pink Salt

Organic Himalayan Pink salt

You should look for organic Himalayan pink salt that is extracted in the most natural way without any artificial processing or preservatives added. This is the best type of pink salt to choose for your daily consumption. Also, check out the nutritional content while buying Himalayan Pink Salt Online. 

#ISOTIP: Use Himalayan Pink Salt with your Roasted Amaranth recipes during fasting.

From all this information, we can say that the health benefits of Himalayan salt are numerous and are too many to be ignored. It is time to make our health a priority and switch over to the healthiest alternative to table salt. So why wait? 

You can get pure and authentic pink salt from the Himalayas only at I Say Organic without any harmful preservatives or processing. Also, check out other ranges of organic products online at I Say Organic. 

FAQs For Himalayan Pink Salt

Does Himalayan Salt Contain Iodine?

Yes, the Himalayan pink salt at I Say Organic does contain Iodine. 

Is Himalayan pink salt healthier than regular table salt?

Due to less processing involved and high nutritional value, the Himalayan Pink Salt is a healthier alternative to regular table salt. 

How can I use Himalayan pink salt?

You can use pink salt in your salads, your regular curries and various other dishes just like regular salt.

How should I store Himalayan pink salt?

You should store it in a cool and dry place away from moisture.

Are there any safety concerns with using Himalayan pink salt?

As with any salt, you need to be careful about the daily intake limit and do not exceed it.

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