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Eco-friendly Plantable Rakhi Online To Send To Your Near And Dear Ones

An eternal bond deserves to be celebrated with love and warmth. They establish a sense of security and bring you closer to loved ones. Rakhsha Bandhan is that one day, when the bond between a brother and a sister is celebrated with immense joy. So, this year, why not try to cherish this day with handcrafted rakhis? No matter where you are; even if you’re a town away, you can send rakhi online along with rakhi gift hampers from I Say Organic. We know the bond between siblings is like no other. We can all recall the times when we had pointless fights with our siblings. But, we can never forget the happy moments spent together. From playful fights to sharing favourite toys, the bond kept on growing. No matter what, siblings are always by our side through thick and thin. Any and every adversity is endured together. Celebrating this bond together calls for something special. A rakhi is what signifies the glow of this bond. A unique bond definitely calls for something unique to be embraced. Get a unique eco-friendly plantable lrakhi online from I Say Organic and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a little twist. From bright and colourful options to traditional and well-known designs.

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This is the time when sweetness not only emanates from the desserts, but also from the happiness and joy of spending quality time with family members. We cherish the days of growing up with our siblings, watching all the memories unfurl within the depths of our hearts. Perhaps, some might even spend an ample amount of time reiterating stories and events that will forever leave a mark. Such special occasions are always enclosed in our mind’s albums. Get your brothers something special to celebrate this lovely day. Get your favourite online plantable rakhi from I Say Organic and step up your preparation game for Raksha Bandhan this year with something new. We know how special this event is for each and every one of them. Thus, there are no compromises on quality. Find the best designs that reflect and match the aura of your siblings and get unique handmade rakhi online at I Say Organic. 

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With Our Handmade Rakhi Online

There are innumerable options when it comes to picking the best rakhis. And we know that an authentic, unique design is what always catches the eye. What if we told you that your worries about selecting the best rakhis have been made easy? At I Say Organic, you can buy traditional rakhi online with unique designs. These handmade rakhis are made with beautiful designs and intricate details that not only display skills but also encase the special bond between brothers and sisters. Whether you want something that reflects the vibrancy of the sibling bond or the tranquillity of reminiscing on nostalgic memories, you will find your deemed best plantable rakhi online at I Say Organic. 

Even if hectic schedules are stressing you out and preparing for this auspicious day is still on your to-do lists, we are here to tell you that you can rest assured. At I Say Organic, you can go online rakhi shopping in the comfort of your home. Browse through a wide collection and add the ones that make your hearts sparkle with joy to your carts. Handmade and traditional rakhis are now available for you to buy in just a few clicks. Get online rakhi delivery anywhere, anytime without fearing distance or time constraints. You will not be disappointed with your picks. So, wait no more and start exploring to get the best elegant and beautiful rakhis for your siblings today. 

Beautiful Handcrafted Rakhis From I Say Organic

This year, celebrate Raksha Bandhan with plantable rakhis, so you're celebrating the festivities while also remaining environmentally conscious. Explore I Say Organic's range of plantable rakhis:

1] Pure Cotton Plantable Morpankh Rakhi 

A beautiful amalgamation of the colours worn by the peacock, this rakhi contains a unique combination of tassels made from basil, amaranthus and purslane seeds, with a pumpkin seed right in the middle. The rakhi thread is made from pure cotton which is dyed with natural colours to match the vibrancy of the majestic peacock. Made completely from 100% organic materials, the Pure Cotton Plantable Morpankh Rakhi is a great way of drawing in purity amidst the joyous celebrations. 

2] Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi

If simplistic elegance is more your style, then the vibrancy of this rakhi is going to make you feel as joyful as its beautiful design. Made from organic cotton threads adorning natural colours that symbolise happiness, the Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi is the perfect choice for this festive season. The rakhi is encrusted with an organic pumpkin seed in the centre along with a combination of the seeds of amaranthus, basil and purslane adorning the tassels. The rakhi thread is also made from 100% pure organic cotton and comes in very vibrant colours. The best part, you get to feel the bliss of taking care of our lovely planet.

3] Pure Cotton Plantable Macrame Rakhi

If you want something a little different with a twist, then the Pure Cotton Plantable Macrame Rakhi could be your perfect choice. This rakhi is made by using Macrame which is an ancient traditional technique that involves making knots in order to craft intricate patterns. This rakhi will surely give a little twist to your usual rakhi picks. A sponge gourd seed is encrusted in the middle and with its tassels containing purslane, basil and amaranthus seeds.The threads are made from 100% pure cotton dyed with natural colours.  

4] Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi (Pack of 2)

The Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi (Pack of 2) combo comprises the two rakhis of Macrame, which is a traditional, age-old technique that uses various knots to craft intricate patterns. Celebrate the festivities with great pomp and show while also taking care of Mother Earth. 

5] Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi (Pack of 3)

Want even more of the rakhi goodness that ensures you're promising the protection of Mother Earth? Get the Pure Cotton Plantable Rakhi (Pack of 3) combo consisting of the traditional Macrame technique of intricate knots to render beautiful patterns. 

Why Shop From I Say Organic?

Healthy and delicious food go hand-in-hand with I Say Organic’s range of toxic chemical-free, natural and organic food products. Our fresh organic fruits and vegetables are grown in an ethical manner to satisfy your tummies and keep you happy while also being environmentally conscious. Apart from this, we also provide pure & chemical-free floursricelentilsdry fruitsdried spicespancake & waffle mix etc. for healthy living. The best part is that you can indulge in this healthy lifestyle at the most affordable prices. Shop for the best preservative and additive-free food items with no compromise on taste. Make Raksha Bandhan this year special with some tasty and healthy savoury snacks, from I Say Organic and get the best of both worlds to impress your guests. Because we want to ensure the best for our guests, we leave no room for any minor worries. Browse through a range of our organic foods online to have the best festival celebrations. For sweet tooths, shop atta pinni online, organic sesame chikki online from a variety of options or pick up fresh desi ghee besan ladoos online. Got some gym enthusiasts to please? Get scrumptious and healthy amaranth mini bars (cardamom) online at the best prices and make everyone go "wow" at your tasty snack options.


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