Ash Gourd (Safed Petha)

Ash Gourd (Safed Petha)
Sustainably grown
What is an Ash Gourd? The Ash gourd, also called Petha supplies plenty of nutrition, being inherently high on water content, it provides a cooling effect on the body. It is a rich source of dietary fiber & aids in digestion. Talking more about ash gourd nutrition, it also has significant amounts of Vitamin C and E, and antioxidants which help improve skin and hair health and remove harmful free radicals from injuring the healthy cells in the body. Simply peel the skin and consume it raw or add chunks of Ash Gourd to your colourful veggie salad bowl. Ash gourd powder is also nutritious. Boiling it, seasoning it with salt and pepper, and cooking it in curries, with dals, as soups are also some tasty and nutritious ways to have this ash gourd vegetableAsh gourd juice is also a great detoxifying agent, and beneficial for people suffering from constipation as it comforts the digestive belt. One can buy ash gourd online easily.
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It was suggested to have petha juice in the morning by my dietician. It has worked wonders for my gut health.

Shubham sharma
ash gourd buy online

I was looking for the same and came across I say Organic. It's my first time purchasing petha online and the delivery is awesome and generic. Keep up the good work ISO.

Healthy Veggie for your diet

Looking for a vegetable with lots of nutrients and vitamins embedded in them? The I Say Organic Healthy Ash Gourd, is super in quality and taste too!

Fresh Ash Gourd Online

I was looking for petha online and found it here; it has a mild cucumber flavour and is soft to chew.


Petha is full of nutrients. I generally buy petha online from I Say Organic as it is easily available here and fresh too.

Healthy Ash Gourd Vegetable

The ash gourd vegetable, also known as hairy melon, white pumpkin, ash pumpkin, winter melon or petha, is a very popular vegetable eaten in the warm seasons in India, Sri Lanka and the neighboring states. Known by the scientific name of Benincasa hispida, it is a highly nutritious vegetable that contains essential vitamins and minerals that need to be consumed regularly. The white ash gourd is also known as the Chinese watermelon because of its colour and size. It has a hairy and fuzzy exterior which on ripening becomes ashy coloured, which gives the ash gourd meaning. This ash gourd powder is also safe to consume. It falls under the family of cucurbits, which is why its mild taste is reminiscent of cucumber. It is popular for being a fleshy fruit and is used in Indian and Chinese cuisine in its unripe as well as ripened form. In India, it is famously called white petha. In its immature form, it is used as an addition to various recipes and subzis and when ripe, it is used to make a type of candy or Indian sweet. You can buy sustainably grown ash gourd online on the I Say Organic website and enjoy the flavour of this nutritious vegetable. [1]

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Nutrition Value of Ash Gourd

Now let’s talk about ash gourd nutrition and find out some interesting ways you can obtain the maximum benefits from the safed petha online

1. It contains 96% water and is a low-calorie food with minimum fat and carbs. However, it is rich in dietary fibre and provides various other vitamins, minerals, and micro and macronutrients in small quantities.

2. The petha fruit comprises iron, calcium and potassium in abundance, all three of which are essential for the healthy functioning of our body processes such as growth, fluid balance and bone health. 

3. You will get 14% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C from 100g of ash gourd! 

4. Talking about petha sweet nutrition, it contains sufficient quantities of dietary fibre, riboflavin and other B vitamins, along with antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids, which protect your body from cell damage. 

5. If you are still wondering what is ash gourd, you must have received your answer that it is a highly nutritious vegetable that should be used more often in cooking. [2]

When To Eat Ash Gourd

Ash gourd petha is a vegetable that can be consumed throughout the year and all times are ideal for this veggie to show its miraculous cooling properties. However, starting your day with ash gourd juice has been known to provide several benefits if consumed regularly. You can get the recipe of ash gourd juice online and have a glass of this medicinal petha juice every morning. As it is a naturally cooling vegetable, it is preferred to be consumed during the warm months. You can also consume it in the winter, by adding some honey or black pepper to it to reduce its cooling effect. 

Benefits of eating Ash Gourd

You can buy ash gourd and see its several benefits for yourself. The safed petha is known to have the following role in improving our body’s health:

1. Helps improve digestion: 

The white petha juice or other recipes when consumed regularly can cause significant improvement in digestion owing to the abundant fibre and water content in the vegetable. 

2. May help lose weight: 

Ash gourd is a very low calorie food and contains maximum amount of water, which is why it is considered helpful in reducing weight. It also contains a minimum amount of fats and carbs.

3. Provides a cooling effect: 

It has a naturally cooling property which makes it an ideal vegetable for the summer. This cooling property is also linked to increased sharpness of the mind.

4. May decrease inflammation: 

Many studies show that consuming ash gourd can lead to reducing inflammation, which is the main cause of a variety of diseases. [3]

Recipes of Ash Gourd

Now that you know all the benefits of eating ash gourd, here are some interesting recipes that you will love to try:

1. Ash Gourd Juice: 

This is one of the most popular recipes involving ash gourds. Here's how to make ash gourd juice that gives a delicious ash gourd taste. Just dice up some of the ash gourd and add it to the mixer along with water. Blend it thoroughly, pass it through a strainer and then sprinkle some salt and black pepper to taste.

2. Ash Gourd Raita: 

Mix grated Ash gourd with yogurt and add lemon juice, salt, black pepper and cumin seeds. It is a great accompaniment to spicy foods.

3. Ash Gourd Soup

Roast ash gourd, onion, garlic cloves together with a drizzle of olive oil. After cooling, puree them in a blender and then boil them along with spices, salt and water. The soul is ready to serve after 2-3 boils.


Q1.How can ash gourd help with weight loss?

Ash gourd juice when consumed daily has several health benefits, one of them being an aid in weight loss. Petha online is low in calories and has high contents of dietary fiber. 

The high water content (96%) is ideal for those who want to lose some extra weight. Fibre is known for providing satiety for a longer time, and prevents food cravings. This is what makes the ash gourd vegetable a prime choice for a healthy lifestyle. 

Q2.Can ash gourd juice be consumed in the evening?

Safed petha juice can be consumed daily in the evening without any concerns. It has abundant vitamin B6 or pyridoxine content, which helps in monitoring brain function. It is also responsible for proper passage of nerve impulses. 

Drinking the ash gourd juice in the evening will ensure reduced neurotransmitter activity and can also aid in promoting sleep in cases of insomnia or severe lack of sleep. You can look for ash gourd buy online and consume it regularly for the best results.

Q3. What is the right way to consume ash gourd juice?

Ash gourd is a healthy vegetable and can be consumed in a number of ways. One of the most important recipes of ash gourd is the ash gourd juice which should be made in a way that extracts the maximum benefits of ash gourd. 

In a blender mix diced ash gourd along with water. You must blend till it becomes smooth. Next, strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer and extract all the juice by pressing with a spoon. Add lime juice to it for added benefits. 

If you are wondering where to buy ash gourd, you can easily buy safed petha online from the I Say Organic website, which offers sustainably grown and nutritious ash gourd all over India.


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