Atta Pinni

Atta Pinni
Sustainably grown
Atta Pinni
Sustainably grown
Atta Pinni
Sustainably grown
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Atta Pinnis are easily the quintessential winter sweet - wholesome, warm, delicious and full of good energy! Originally from Punjab, these little rounds or pinnis have been made Vegan-friendly with a special I Say Organic atta pinni recipe - which contains all things pure ! Our pinni ke laddu are mildly sweetened with Jaggery and we've used our Desi Cow Ghee to give you the warmth and health you need :)

Aate ki pinni Ingredients are : Whole Wheat Atta, Ghee, Jaggery Powder, Coconut, Saunth Powder, Gond, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Raisins

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Ingredients & Shelf Life
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  • The product is made from:  Premium Whole Wheat Atta, Jaggery Powder, Cow Ghee, Cashew, Almonds, Raisins, Gond / Edible Gum, Coconut Grind, Saunt Powder
  • Shelf Life:  2 Months 

What is Atta Pinni? 

Other names for atta pinni or ate ki pinni include wheat flour pinni, atta pinni, and atta ladoos. Here, "atta" refers to wheat flour, while "pinni" is the Punjabi name for a sweet dessert with an oblong or round shape.

Therefore, the literal translation of a sweet dish made with wheat flour is atte ki pinni. A base ingredient like flour, a sweetener, a lot of ghee, and dry fruits are all present in pinnis.


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What is the nutritional value of atta pinni? 

Pinni raises body temperature, which keeps the body warm. Because of this, individuals in colder regions of the country start preparing pinni as soon as winter arrives and keep it in jars. The ingredients in pinni assist in creating heat and enable you to endure the bitter cold. Seasonal illnesses and viruses can be avoided. Almond, raisin and green cardamom pinnis give the healthful snack a delicate, delicious texture and boost its health advantages.

1. Increases immune capacity:

Pinni, a traditional Indian dish made with whole wheat, jaggery, desi ghee, almonds, and milk, is rich in calcium, iron, vitamins E, and C, as well as other vital micronutrients. Pinni has a high nutritional value, therefore when it is consumed in sufficient amounts, the body's immunity is naturally boosted.

Benefits for lactating mothers: This delicious dish, pinni, contains calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, and folate. Pinni is given to new moms so that their bodies can regain all the strength they lost during delivery. It stimulates the flow of milk in nursing women.

2. Improves joint motions

Joint troubles can be eased by eating pinni. It can lessen the severity of physical aches. The lubricating quality of pinni allows for smooth and correct joint mobility. If you have aching muscles, you will experience a lot of relief.

3. Maintains your energy:

If you eat enough of this delicious dessert, you'll feel energised, satisfied, and active. Consequently, it qualifies as an energy supplier. Pinni is highly suggested for exercise enthusiasts as it is a great source of protein. Pinnis are loaded with a variety of nutritional advantages, so you may satisfy your sweet desire without feeling guilty.

What is the best time to eat atte ki pinni? 

Indian food is renowned for its diverse offerings. Both the diversity of its desserts and its entrée dishes are noteworthy. Speaking of delectable desserts, pinni is one such well-liked sweet dish that is especially cherished in the winter for its delightful taste as well as its numerous nutritional benefits.

Pinni, also known as panjari, is a nutrient-rich food that originated in Punjabi households. So you don't have to worry about eating pinni to satisfy your sweet cravings.


Q1:.What kind of food is atta pinni?

Pinni is a sort of dish popular in both Punjabi and North Indian cuisine throughout the winter. It is cooked with desi ghee, wheat flour, jaggery, and almonds and is offered as a dessert.


Q2: Is atta pinni good for health?

A high source of fibre, vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants, atta or whole wheat flour, which is used to make atta ki pinni, is used to make this dish. Wheat also reduces the incidence of stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


Q3: Can a diabetic person eat atta pinni?

Yes, if eaten in controlled portions. 


Q4: How eating atta pinni can help kids?

Yes, as they are a good source of vitamins and can be given to them.


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