Desi Kheera - Organic Cucumber

Desi Kheera - Organic Cucumber
Certified organic

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Desi Kheera also contains an enzyme called erepsin which is extremely beneficial for digestion. Desi kheera seeds are also considered to be an extremely effective way to get rid of intestinal tapeworms. This cooling fresh cucumber is known to reduce inflammation, which is why it is so preferred as a beauty aid over swollen eyes. Desi cucumbers are high in antioxidants and as a result battle the free radicals that lead to early aging and other age-related issues. Desi kheera is a watery veggie and is also a great weight loss aid as it fills you up without calories. Kheera is fully loaded with essential vitamins and promotes good health.

At I Say Organic, we proudly deliver organic kheera to our customers, grown without any use of chemicals or pesticides. Buy fresh kheera online from I Say Organic at the best prices.

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Good Quality

Good quality desi kheera online from Isayorganic.

Best quality

surprised to receive such good quality cucumbers online bought recently from I Say Organic.

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best organic desi cucumber online

Shop Organic Cucumber - Desi Kheera Online From I Say Organic

Cucumber is a refreshing vegetable which is best known for its amazing health benefits. Cucumbers are highly rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A and C. This vegetable also has a high water content and is low in calories which helps the body to stay hydrated and reduce inflammation. Even the seeds of desi Kheera are edible and very effective in alleviating certain problems. But nowadays it is tough to find Organic Cucumbers, especially in the local market. So if you want to avoid eating chemically-grown cucumbers, then I Say Organic is the best place to buy Cucumbers online as we offer organic Kheera which is grown without using any pesticides and chemicals. We offer other cooking essentials as well that you can check out by visiting our website.

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Nutritional Breakdown Of Desi Kheera

Cucumber is not only hydrating but also has amazing nutritional benefits. Considering one-half cup of sliced Cucumber with the peel, it has the following nutritional value-







1 mg


0.9 g


0.1 g


0.3 g


0.3 g


1.9 g


76.4 mg


6.8 mg

Vitamin C

1.5 mg

Vitamin K

8.5 mcg

Vitamin B5

0.1 mg


Explore Wonderous Benefits Of Eating Organic Cucumber

Cucumbers are a very healthy food option which offers a lot of benefits to our health. When you eat organic and desi Kheera from I Say Organic, the benefits are multiplied. We have listed some of the top benefits below -

  • Provides hydration

Cucumbers are rich in water content and almost have 96% of water in them. They are perfect for preventing dehydration and detoxifying the body.

  • Good for digestion

Kheera is a good source of soluble fibre which helps in slowing our digestion. They act as a coolant for our stomach and make our stools soft, which keeps the bowel movement regular and prevents constipation.

  • Help in weight loss

Cucumbers are low in calories and contain a good amount of soluble fibre and water which makes them ideal for weight loss and promotes hydration in the body.

  • Regulates blood pressure

As Cucumbers are rich in dietary fibre, magnesium and potassium, they regulate and manage the blood pressure in the body which reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. 

Why Should You Choose I Say Organic To Buy Organic Fruits & Vegetables?

I Say Organic offers organic products like organic vegetables and other grocery items which are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. We source our products from farmers who follow sustainable farming practices, so you will always find the most natural and organic Kheera on our website. We believe in customer satisfaction and making the world a better place. 


  1. Are cucumber & zucchini the same?

Though Cucumber and Zucchini look similar, they are different vegetables and do not belong to the same family. Cucumbers are generally hard and belong to the gourd family whereas Zucchini are more warm and belong to the Cucurbita family. 


Cucumbers belong to the gourd family whereas Zucchini belong to the Cucurbita family.

  1. Is it safe to eat cucumber seeds?

You can eat cucumber seeds as they are edible seeds. It is even beneficial to consume these seeds because they contain fibre and minerals. 

  1. How to consume Cucumber - peeled or unpeeled?

When Cucumbers are peeled, the amount of fibre and certain nutrients gets reduced. So to maximise the nutrient content of vitamins and minerals in it, you can consider consuming Cucumbers unpeeled.

  1. Does eating Kheera cause bloating?

When Cucumbers are consumed in a moderate quantity, they do not harm your body in any way. But if you eat them in excess, they can lead to some stomach problems and can make you feel bloated because of their high water content.

  1. Can I eat cucumber daily?

Cucumbers are low in calories and a good source of vitamins and minerals. They are known for their hydrating properties and help in digestion due to their fiber content. So, you can be consumed daily.

  1. What is the best way to store cucumbers to keep them fresh?

Store cucumbers in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. It is advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight.

  1. Can I eat cucumber seeds?

Yes, cucumber seeds are entirely edible. The seeds are soft and generally cause no issues in terms of taste or texture.

  1. What is the price of 1 kg organic kheera?

At I Say Organic, the 1kg kheera price is Rs.160/kg.

  1. How many cucumbers are there in 1 Kg?

There are approximately 6-8 pieces of cucumber in 1kg.

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