Tender Coconut (Coconut Water)

fresh tender coconut water
Sustainably grown
fresh tender coconut water
Sustainably grown
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There's nothing more hydrating than fresh Coconut Water! 

Nariyal Pani is pure, unprocessed coconut water that’s packed with essential nutrients. This refreshing and nutritious drink is perfect to quench your thirst and replenish your body. We source our tender, young coconuts from our farm partners in Madhur, Bangalore.

Tender Coconut Water is low in calories but high in electrolytes including potassium, magnesium, and sodium, which help maintain optimum fluid balance, especially in hot weather or after physical activity. It is also a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins C and B, which support overall health.

Nariyal Pani can be enjoyed on its own or added to your favourite smoothies, juices, or mocktails for a tropical twist! It’s the perfect companion for your summer parties or gym sessions. 

Our Tender Coconut Water is 100% natural and free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. Each sip is full of pure, unadulterated coconut water nutrition that you can consume guilt-free. Enjoy the tropical taste and ultimate refreshment of our premium coconut water.

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coconut water online Delhi

One of the best coconut water I have ever had. The taste is so natural and pure that it feels refreshing. Thanks to I say organic

My favourite :)

I was looking for online coconut delivery when I came across, I Say Organic, which has a quick delivery. It's nice.

super good

sweet fresh coconut water online got delivered by I Say Organic easily at my home. The quantity was very good.

Nageshwar Pradhan

It's just the tastiest coconut water I have ever had. A little overpriced though but it tastes like heaven.

Nageshwar Pradhan

It's just the tastiest coconut water I have ever had. A little overpriced though but it tastes like heaven.

Buy fresh coconut water online from I Say Organic 

The sweet and nourishing Nariyal water is nothing shy of an elixir that has the power not just to tingle your taste buds but also impart wholesome health benefits. So many times, we think about having coconut pani but then go back on our idea because of its unavailability at our home. Well, I Say Organic is here to take care of that problem. Our nariyal pani home delivery facility will help you enjoy the delectable taste of this beverage right in the comfort of your home. This supremely hydrating beverage is a summer favourite and will make an excellent addition to your dietary regime. 

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Nutrition value of Fresh Tender Coconut Water

Coconut water is an exceptionally nutritious drink because it is high in antioxidants and low on calories and sugar content. 

1. One cup or approximately 245 grams of coconut water will provide nearly 44 calories. (1)

2. This same quantity of coconut water can contain up to 9 grams of naturally occurring sugar.

3. There is very little protein and fat content in Coconut water. 

4. It is a rich source of Vitamin B, C, potassium, manganese and other essential vitamins and nutrients. 

If you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of this drink, then you can order coconut water online from I Say Organic and rest assured about the quality and purity of nariyal pani. 

When to Drink Healthy Coconut Water

You can enjoy Nariyal Pani at any time of the day but if you have it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, it can yield amazing results. 

People usually pay categorical attention to their coconut water consumption when they are feeling a bit under the weather. This is because real nariyal pani helps in keeping your body hydrated and healed. 

If you are planning to amp up your consumption of this wonder beverage, then we are here to help you by giving online coconut water home delivery. We pride ourselves on supplying the best and most fresh coconut water online. 

Benefits of Coconut Water

A number of benefits can be attributed to Coconut water. Some of those benefits are as follows 

1. It facilitates body hydration 

Coconut water has the capacity to regulate the electrolyte balance in the body owing to its stellar quotient of potassium, magnesium and sodium. (2) This beverage is especially recommended for people who like indulging in physical activity like working out or running because coconut water can quickly replenish their hydration levels. 

2. It has outstanding skin benefits 

By helping your body hydrate, coconut water definitely does its bit to take care of your skin health as well. In fact, its topical application can also provide moisture and nourishment to your skin. (3)

3. It aids in weight loss 

Coconut water has very few calories in cinaoruain to other sugary drinks. It is packed with natural electrolytes and contains no fat or cholesterol. (4

Therefore, if you have been looking for an effective way to lose some extra kilos, adding nariyal pani to your diet can be a great option for you.

4. It safeguards your kidney health

Proper hydration is the key when it comes to taking care of your kidney health. Some studies have supported the claim that nariyal pani can help in managing problems such as kidney stones. (5

Beverages you can make using Coconut Water

You can prepare amazing beverages with the help of coconut water. 

1. Coconut lemonade 


a. Coconut water 

b. Lemon 

c. Pink Salt

d. Organic jaggery powder / Organic khandsari powder

e. Ice cubes  


You can add lemon juice and coconut water to a container and stir the mixture properly. Add salt and jaggery powder/khandsari powder as per your taste. Pour it into a glass with ice cubes and your coconut water is ready to be served. 

2. Chia seeds and coconut water pudding 


a. Chia seeds

b. Coconut milk

c. Salt 

d. Organic jaggery powder / organic khandsari powder

e. Coconut water 

f. Shredded coconut 


Take a jar and put chia seeds, coconut milk, coconut water and shredded coconut in it. Add a dash of salt and some jaggery powder / khandsari powder in the jar if you like. Stir it properly and then cover and refrigerate for a minimum of two hours. Your delicious chia seed and coconut water pudding is ready. 

3. Coconut water smoothies 


a. Coconut water 

b. Fresh organic fruits 

c. Crushed ice 


You can put all the ingredients in a jar and use a high-speed blender to make a tasty smoothie. Coconut water will add natural sweetness and a slightly nutty flavour to your fruit smoothie. 


Q1: Can you drink coconut water daily? 

Yes, coconut water is safe for daily consumption. Having said that, it is advisable to not drink it regularly before an impending medical procedure as it can deregulate your blood sugar levels. (6)  It is advisable to consult your doctor for clearer instructions. 

Q2: Is coconut water a good substitute for water?

Although Coconut water is rife with a number of health benefits and nutritional qualities, it is not a substitute for water. In fact, too much consumption of coconut water on a daily basis is not recommended. 

Q3: What is the difference between coconut water and coconut milk? 

Coconut water and coconut milk differ in their texture and fat content. Coconut water is extracted directly by cracking a coconut and coconut milk is prepared by mixing water to coconut meat. Coconut water has very few calories but coconut milk has a good caloric as well as fat quotient.


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