Everyday Breakfast Choices for a Healthier, Happier You

The king of meals, the stealth builder.
A breakfast is considered to be the most important and also one of the most extravagant meals of the day. One doesn’t have to sacrifice on the taste to be healthy- here are a few food choices you can make on a daily basis to eat good & feel better!
1. Multigrain Toast Over Plain White Toast
Whole multigrain breads contain a dietary fiber content of up to four times greater than white breads and also contain more vitamins & proteins. You could even opt for

Indian Breads 

Roti is a much healthier option to consume as well as it is made with whole grains which are filled with fibers rich in carbohydrates, soluble fiber and proteins. They are also made without any yeast which tends to dehydrate the body and is not considered very good for the digestive system.
Besan ka Chilla, another vegan friendly option which makes for a power packed, protein filled breakfast! One can also choose to make this with very little or no oil, making it healthy and light.
2. Baking Over Frying
Baked is the way to a fitter, healthier you, without the need to compromise on taste. You don’t ever need to have a boring meal just because you’re trying to eat clean. For breakfast, one could go for baked sweet potato wedges, caulif-florets, zucchini cubes, tomatoes - there are so many options!
3. Roasted Vegetables or Healthier Dips
You may not believe it, but your regular mass produced Ketchup is loaded with sugar. Avoid that and other unnecessary fats that are there in your dips by substituting them with healthier options like hummus, homemade pesto and grilled vegetables.
You should also try out our all organic Tomato Ketchup!
4. Clean Breakfast Bowls over Commercially Processed Cereals
Seasonal fruits are delicious and naturally sweet. Paired with protein-rich greek yogurt and your choice of seeds, this bowl can be a power bowl for breakfast! If you wish to go dairy free, check out our varied range of healthy (and needless to say, all organic) cereal mixes, bars, seeds & other grains here!

5. Nuts & Seeds
Late for work? We’ve all been there. Doesn’t mean you miss out on your breakfast or grab a McMuffin on your way. Instead, grab a handful of nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, Flax Seeds etc that give you the strength and nutrition for long.
6. Natural or Unrefined Sugar Over Refined Sugar
Honey, date puree & gur not only helps lower blood sugar levels, but also have more nutrients than sugar ever will. It’s a smart choice – for beverages, dressings or dessert. If you wish to eat vegan or simply healthy, opt for date puree! However, use it in smart quantities as one spoon has 13 gms of natural sugar (Honey has 17 gms!). Make your own date puree at home by blending 1 cup of pitted dates and 2/3rd cups of hot water.
7. Avocado Over Dairy Fats
This creamy green fruit is loaded with a dose of healthy fats that make your
morning meal more satisfying than you can imagine.
They can easily be used to create creamy dishes where one would normally go for the butter, milk, eggs, cream or cheese. A healthier option, this fruit is going to help you get to your fitness goal!
8. Boiled Eggs Over Fried Eggs
A soft boiled egg is magic with the creaminess but no actual cream. Hard boiled eggs are extremely versatile- mash them up with clean chutneys (think of fresh coriander and chili chutney!) or spreads (healthy pesto!) for a new flavor, every day.
9. Wake Up, Hydrate Yourself!
One of the best things to do before or as your first step towards breakfast, is drink water. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less, or as much as your body actually needs.
10. Never Missing Your Breakfast
would be the smartest choice you can make for a healthy lifestyle. Wake up. Stretch. Eat.
Practice these changes a few times a week if not every day, to see the good and feel it too :)
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