Go for Gluten-Free Diet - Advantages, Recipes & More

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye etc. It is a naturally occurring protein which is known for providing a stretchy characteristic to food. To be precise, gluten is like a glue that can keep the food stuck and held together. Furthermore, it is of consequence to note that this particular protein does not provide any specific health benefit to the consumer.

What is Gluten-Free?

In recent years, there has been an upward trend in the popularity of a gluten-free diet. In order to understand the rampant increase in the number of people who are going on a gluten-free diet, let us take a look at a baffling statistic. As per studies, approximately 1 percent of the entire population in the world suffers from celiac disease (1), which is an autoimmune disorder that gets triggered by the consumption of gluten. When we say that a particular food item is gluten-free, we are alluding to the fact that the specific food item doesn't have the protein called Gluten in it. 

What is a Gluten-Free Diet?

A Gluten-free diet essentially refers to the practice of excluding foods that contain gluten from one’s dietary regime. You can opt for a gluten-free diet plan in light of an autoimmune disease or if you develop conditions like bloating, inflammation, diarrhoea or cramping when you consume gluten-infused foods. If you are someone who wishes to embark upon a gluten-free diet, then you can check out the fantastic collection of gluten-free grains at I Say Organic. You can also browse through the assorted collection of snacks that are gluten-free and various other related products. 

Gluten-free diet for weight loss

A gluten-free diet has a number of benefits that can directly have a bearing on your overall health and well-being. One of the most proverbial yet indirect advantages of going gluten-free is weight loss. Weight loss that comes from following a gluten-free diet is incumbent on two things :

1. Your choice of gluten-free food products 

While choosing gluten-free products to be included in your diet plan, make sure you opt for whole foods and not calorie-rich gluten-free snacks. 

2. Eliminating carbohydrate-rich options that contain gluten

When you cut gluten-free food items from your diet, you tend to avoid many starchy and fattening foods automatically. Limiting your food choices will help you in managing your daily intake of calories.

Foods that contain gluten

While putting together a gluten-free diet, you should make sure that you steer clear of any food item that has gluten in it. If you have been put on a gluten-free diet for medical reasons, then any kind of dereliction can cause you health distress. The most common food items that have gluten are 

1. Wheat

Wheat is a vital ingredient in a number of dishes like pastas, chapattis, wheat halwa. One has to intricately filter out the dishes that contain wheat to follow a gluten free diet. 

2. Rye

This grain is used in a variety of breads and flours. This is very closely related to wheat and barley and has to be eradicated completely if one wishes to be on a gluten free diet. 

3. Barley

This cereal grain which is also known as jau in India is amongst the most common ingredients in salads, stews, soups etc. that has gluten in it. 

These are staple food items in almost all kitchens, and going gluten-free really slims down the options for consumption. 


Gluten-free foods list

If you are in search of the perfect food items to be incorporated in your gluten-free diet plan, then you should have a look at the gluten-free food list on I Say Organic. 

1. Gluten free flours and grains

We have a variety of gluten free flours and grains like barnyard millet, amaranth flour etc, so that you can put your gluten free diet plan into action with the best food products. 

2. Amaranth mini bars

Our Amaranth minibars are available in delectable flavours. We have Amaranth mini bar (cardamom), Amaranth mini bar (cinnamon)and Amaranth mini bar (vanilla). These energy bars are packed with all the essential nutrients to keep you energetic throughout the day. 

Amaranth Mini Bars

3. Fox nuts

Fox nuts which are also known as Makhanas are a gluten free Indian superfood. They are ideal for healthy  munching while you are working or lounging. 

4. Amaranth and Ragi nachos 

These nachos are available in exciting flavours. We have Amaranth & Ragi Nachos Tangy Tomato, Amaranth & Ragi Nachos (Spiced) and Amaranth & Ragi Nachos Classic Salted. These are healthy, gluten free and perfect for your mid meal hunger pangs. 


General Benefits of eating gluten-free food

There are a number of benefits attributed to gluten free meals.

1. It is perfect for weight watchers

By eliminating refined carb options that contain gluten like breads, pastas, etc, you can achieve the desired weight loss. 

2. It might help in managing conditions like autism 

Although, there isn't much substantial evidence to support this claim but many people believe that by eliminating gluten from a person’s especially an autistic child's diet plan can bring significant changes in his speech and overall behaviour. (2

3. It can enhance your energy levels 

People who have an allergic reaction to gluten aren't able to absorb the necessary nutrients from their food. Gluten-free diet can help in improving your body’s nutrient absorption capacity and consequently boost energy levels.

4. It can manage conditions like headaches 

There has been scientific evidence to suggest that our brain health is related to our gut health (3

A gluten free diet helps in maintaining a clean and healed gut which keeps various problems like headaches at bay.

5. It can keep you spirited

By choosing wholesome and gluten free food you can straighten your eating habits which will play a significant role in keeping you spirited and happy.



Q1: Are gluten free products expensive? 

Gluten free food products are an ideal food choice for those who adopt a gluten free diet plan due to medical reasons or just as a personal choice. Gluten free food is made by substituting gluten for another appropriate ingredient and the demand for this particular variety of food is relatively less when compared to normal food products. This creates a niche market for these products which makes them a bit expensive. Nevertheless, gluten free products are absolutely worth it for the wide variety of health benefits they bring to the table. 

Q2: Is it good to go gluten free if you don't have sensitivity towards “gluten” protein? 

It is advisable to opt for a gluten-free diet if you have a sensitivity to gluten or an autoimmune reaction to this protein. You can always try out various gluten-free food options which are available at I Say Organic to check out their taste and texture. However, a decision to go completely gluten-free, without any known aversion to gluten, should be taken after consulting a nutritionist.

Q3: Is gluten-free food delicious?

Yes, gluten-free food is super delicious and as versatile as regular food. You can choose items from the gluten-free food list to make delectable dishes of your choice. 

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