Healthy Eating For Kids: Easy-to-Digest Food Ideas

For children's growth, development and general well-being, it is imperative that they eat foods that digest fast and easily. It is crucial to take into account the foods' digestibility in addition to their nutritional value, particularly for young children whose digestive systems are still maturing. Keep reading this blog till the end with easy-to-digest food ideas to ensure a healthy diet for your kids.

Symptoms Of Poor Digestion That You Should Notice

The state of digestion affects energy levels and immune system performance which is critical to general health. Ignoring poor digestion might lead to more significant health problems with painful feelings. Here we have listed down some of the common problems that may arise due to poor digestion.

  • Nausea

Poor digestion may cause frequent nausea in children. It may occur after meals or persist throughout the day.

  • Abdominal Pain

Persistent abdominal pain that is not attributed to a specific injury or condition may be related to poor digestion. It can manifest as cramping, sudden unbearable pain or a general discomfort in the abdominal area.

  • Bloating

Bloating can result from various factors such as overeating, slow digestion or an imbalance in gut bacteria. Feeling excessively full, tight or swollen after meals can be a sign of poor digestion. 

  • Constipation

Constipation is a nutrient-deficient condition brought on by a low-fibre diet. If you struggle to pass stool frequently or are unable to have a bowel movement, you may have chronic constipation. (1)

5 Foods That Are Easy To Digest For Kids

The human body requires a variety of nutrients such as fat, protein and fibre to function properly. However, certain nutrients may be difficult to digest in some forms. We have put up a list of the top 5 easily digested foods for upset stomach of kids. 

  • White Rice

organic white rice

White rice is a refined grain and the milling process removes the outer bran and germ layers. This makes it one of the easy-to-digest meals as it reduces the fibre content.

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#ISayOrganicTip - You can prepare a delicious pulao with White Basmati Rice and lots of vegetables for your child’s lunch.

  • Porridge 

organic foxtail millet

Porridge, when made with easily digestible grains like rice, oats or millet, can be easy on a child's stomach. This is one of the easy-to-digest foods for dinner to reduce the risk of digestive discomfort.

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#ISayOrganicTip - Give your child a porridge made with foxtail millet for breakfast.

  • Oats

organic oats

You can try oats in your meal which is less processed food that's easy to digest. Oats contain Vitamin K and minerals like magnesium, potassium and others. (2)

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  • Bananas

organic banana

One banana can satisfy more than 50% of the daily requirements of fibre and vitamin C which helps in immunity and digestion. Prebiotics and fibre present in bananas make it the easiest fruit to digest

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#ISayOrganicTip - Prepare a tasty Banana milkshake full of dry fruits and chia seeds and let your kid enjoy every sip of it.

  • Soups

Soups are nourishing, tasty and easy-to-digest food. It is ideal for children during the rainy and winter seasons as well as when they are ill with a common cold.

#ISayOrganicTip - Prepare a steaming hot soup made of Desi tomato and beetroot. This soup is beneficial not only for kids but for adults too.

Wrapping Up

A healthy, well-balanced diet lays the groundwork for lifelong good eating practices. For your child's overall development, the diet you select for them has an important role to play. You may provide children with the foundation for a healthy life by including foods that digest fast and easily.

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