Pure Desi Cow Ghee

Pure Desi Cow Ghee
Sustainably grown
Pure Desi Cow Ghee
Sustainably grown
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Our Desi Cow Ghee is made in an Ayurvedic, handcrafted way, involving lots of time, patience and care. The indigenous Himachali cows, the fresh forest fodder they consume and the actual process of making the pure cow ghee help provide us with the best quality product, with a pure, divine taste. It also keeps the ghee's nutrition intact.

There are multiple pure Desi Ghee benefits like it being a high dose of Vitamins & Omega Acids. It's also great for the skin, acting as a moisturiser & anti-ageing ingredient! Pure desi ghee is light and easy to digest, making it a delicious and healthy addition to your meals.

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Gajinder Singh

Buying it for more than 3 years now, Possibly the best tasting ghee in any range, I have tried almost all other desi ghee options out there, this one sets the benchmark too high in terms of flavor and consistency

cow ghee online

My mother loved cow ghee that I bought online from Isayorganic

Natural Halthy Ghee

Tried this Desi Ghee, which is super flavoury and tasted so good. This is been part of my daily meals.

Pure Ghee

Ghee is one of the my favourite and go-to in all my lunch varieties. Tried this Desi Ghee, which is super flavoury and tasted so good.

organic ghee

Ghee is the best part of every kitchen and i ordered organic pure ghee online in isayorganic

Organic Desi Cow Ghee Online on I Say Organic

Enjoy pure handcrafted desi ghee made from the fresh milk of indigenous Himachali cows with I Say Organic desi cow ghee. We bring you organic desi cow ghee made in an Ayurvedic handcrafted way which involves time, patience, and care.

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Cow Ghee is traditionally consumed in India for ages. It adds flavour to your food and is extremely nutritious for your bones, and aids in digestion.  

Health Benefits of consuming desi cow ghee

There are various health benefits of consuming desi cow ghee. It is great for your bones, muscles, and also your skin. Let’s see the health benefits of organic desi cow ghee

#1 Boosts Heart Health

Desi cow ghee helps in reducing bad cholesterol and improves your heart health. It has high concentrations of monounsaturated Omega-3s which are healthy fatty acids and support a healthy heart. (1)

#2 Increases Immunity

Organic desi cow ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E AND K. Desi Ghee helps to strengthen your immunity. These vitamins also play a major role in improving the functioning of the heart and brain. Cow ghee also benefits bone development.

#3 Aids Digestion

Desi Cow Ghee is a digestible dairy fat that promotes easy digestion and prevents constipation. Cow Ghee has butyric acid which helps in nourishing the intestine cells and helps to reduce inflammation. Unlike butter or oil, desi cow ghee can fastens the process of digestion.

#4 Helps with Weight loss

The butyric acid in cow ghee also helps to burn stubborn body fat and enhances your metabolism. Doctors today are recommending desi cow ghee instead of butter or oil for people with high cholesterol problems. Add desi cow ghee to your diet for weight loss.

#5 Best Source of Healthy Fats

The human body needs healthy fats to assist the brain, nerves, and skin. These healthy fats are important for building cell membranes. I Say Organic Desi cow ghee, which is free of additives or adulterations like hydrogenated oils, or trans-fats is the best source of healthy fats for your body.

#6 Treat burns

Did you know pure desi ghee is an excellent medicine to treat burns? Cow ghee is an age-old treatment for burns. Apply desi ghee on the burn to treat a burn on the body. It can also reduce skin inflammation.

#7 Benefits for Skin

Cow Ghee is an excellent natural moisturizer that helps to reduce dry skin issues. You can apply desi ghee on dry skin or chapped lips to make them smooth and soft. You can also treat the rash, and dark circles around your eyes, with desi cow ghee.

How to Use Desi Cow Ghee? 

I Say Organic Desi Cow Ghee is suitable for everyone who is looking for a healthy substitute for vegetable oil or butter for a healthier lifestyle and improved digestive system functions.

Here are some ways you can include desi cow ghee in your lifestyle

1.       Substitute cooking oil with desi ghee

2.       Use it in baking with coconut sugar or jaggery instead of butter

3.       Add it in your milk

4.       Add desi ghee in smoothies

5.       Drizzle over popcorn

6.       Apply on roti or phulka

7.       Use desi ghee for tadka instead of oil 

Choose desi cow ghee online over adulterated commercial ghee available in the market. I Say Organic Desi Cow ghee is made with time, patience and care to keep ghee’s nutritional value intact. Our cow ghee is rich in Vitamins and Omega Acids that give you a healthy lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1: Is desi cow ghee good for health?

Desi Cow Ghee is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, D, E & K that is important in ensuring normal cellular function and bone development. It helps to lower bad cholesterol so consuming desi cow ghee is good for the health 

Q2. Which cow ghee is the best?

I Say Organic Desi Cow ghee is made with pure fresh cow milk using an Ayurvedic method that keeps ghee’s nutrition content intact. It is the best desi cow ghee for you to include in your diet.

Q3. How much ghee can I eat in a day?

Cow ghee is notorious but has healthy fats. Have 1-2 tbsp a day when you include it in your daily diet.

Q4. Who cannot eat cow ghee?

Do not consume desi cow ghee if you are allergic to milk or dairy products. Avoid cow ghee if you have liver-related ailments.

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