Organic Desi Khand (Khandsari)

Organic Desi Khand Khandsari Sugar
Certified organic
Organic Desi Khand Khandsari
Certified organic
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Desi Khand is a raw and unrefined form of sugar. Our Organic Khansari is made by evaporating sugarcane syrup, that's it!

This Desi Khand comes in powdered form and blends well with sherbets, shikanji, tea, and coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, it's perfect for use in baking. 

Our Organic Khandsari is completely natural and chemical-free, and is a healthy replacement for white sugar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tina Basu
very good option if you want to leave sugar

If you want to cut down sugar yet maintain the sweetness in your food and beverage then this is a good product. Very good quality.

Raji Sathish
Tastes amazing

If you are one of the tea lover and wants to enjoy guilt free tasty tea then you have to choose desi Khand in I say organic. What taste and originality. Thank you soo much team for the wonderful work

Tarun Paliwal
Not good..contains moisture

It was moist desi khand..i don't know why it is..what we purchased from market doesn't contain moisture

healthy desi khand

I bought desi khand online for the first time from here ..Amazing taste and quality..Its healthy too..

Variety and smell of Khand seems similar to the one we used to have in childhood. बचपन याद दिलाती है

This khand tastes good and smells good. However, I've purchased only once.
खाण्ड का सवाद और गन्ध अच्छे हैं। वैसे मैंने एक ही बार खरीदी है।
I am telling this because there are times when you don't get a good product on all your purchases. When I purchased masur dal second time from I Say Organic, the quality seemed inferior. I also bought moong dal with chhilka and sabut moong, the saboot moongs were far better than dal. Actually the dal was not giving the smell of dal itself. When I chewed it raw, the taste was dull and fade. Sabut moongs were also not satisfactorily good. Some very old and stale grains were mixed with the good ones. The good ones were very good and the bad ones were bad. It was clearly noticeable. Though the amount of bad grains was small.
Now coming to the khand, it feels fresh.


Shop Pure & Organic Desi Khand Online From I Say Organic

In Indian cuisine, traditional sweeteners like Desi Khand and Bura have been used for generations. They come from the boiling of sugarcane juice into a thick syrup, followed by crystallization.

Khand sugar is a perfect sweetening agent for those people who have a craving for natural sweetness without compromising taste. I Say Organic’s Khandsari is completely free from chemicals and a wise replacement for white sugar. (1) To stay on top of your health, you must make wise choices in your kitchen and for that purpose, you can start by replacing refined white sugar with organic desi khand in your kitchen. You can buy desi khand online from I Say Organic. 

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How Do I Say Organic Desi Khand Is Prepared?

Desi khand in English is ‘country sugar’. The preparation of Desi Khand is a simple yet time-intensive process that begins with the extraction of sugarcane juice. Sugarcane is crushed to extract its juice after harvesting the sugarcane. Depending on the scale of production, extraction of juice can be done with mechanized crushers or more conventional techniques like a wooden press. After being extracted, the sugarcane juice is clarified to get rid of contaminants. 

The juice is cooked slowly to enable evaporation of water. During the boiling, continuous stirring is important in the formation of crystals. Excess water is separated from the molten sugar mixture. The sugary mass is drained and allowed to cool before solidifying. In this phase, the crystals continue to grow, giving Desi Khand its distinctive flavour and texture.

Benefits Of Consuming Desi Khand Or Khandsari

Desi Khand or Khandsari offers many potential benefits as mentioned below. 

Manages Blood Sugar Level

When compared to refined sugar, Desi Khand has a lower glycemic index. Lower glycemic foods release glucose into the bloodstream more gradually, which may help control blood sugar levels. (2)

Promotes Better Digestion

Small amounts of fiber and other compounds may be present in Desi Khand. Sugarcane's natural fibers may support a more wholesome digestive tract.

Dense Nutritional Profile 

A portion of the vitamins and minerals found in sugarcane juice are preserved in Desi Khand. Small amounts of nutrients like iron, calcium, and potassium are found in it which make its rich-nutrient profile. 

Why Should You Buy Groceries From I Say Organic?

If you are looking for organic desi khand online, I Say Organic is the best online platform. At I Say Organic, Desi khand price is Rs. 95 per 500 grams. We have a great collection of grocery items including powdered Khandsari which goes great with coffee, tea, shikanji, and sherbets. Here, we take care of the purest and most natural form of groceries. Our vision is to deliver organic products easily to work towards making a chemical-free world. Order your organic and natural grocery items from I Say Organic to make healthier choices!


Is eating organic desi khand healthy?

Because of beneficial minerals and nutritious fibers, eating organic Desi Khand is healthy.

Can I consume khandsari daily?

Yes, you can consume khandsari in moderation on a daily basis and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. But you should avoid consuming it too much.

Can Desi Khand be used in tea or coffee?

Yes, Desi Khand is a healthier substitute for refined sugar in tea and coffee.

How many calories does Desi Khand have?

About 383 calories of energy are stored in 100 grams of Desi Khand.

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