Ramdana (Roasted Amaranth)

Ramdana (Roasted Amaranth)
Sustainably grown

We source our Roasted Amaranth also known as Ramdana, from Uttarakhand, where the community focuses on conservation & sustainability of natural resources and on producing diverse, nutritious & clean food. Ramdana is a gluten-free, super nutritious grain, that's used aplenty by our kitchen for snacks!


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ramdana online

You love the ramdana from Isayorganic. I bought ramdana online and its worth the price.

Quality Product

I bought Ramdana from many online places, but all are of average quality. But I Say Organic's Ramdana is actually 100% organic without tampering with the food.

What Is Ramdana?

Amaranth, also known as Ramdana or Rajgira in various parts of India is a superfood and highly nutritious ingredient. It is considered as a perfectly healthy part of your diet as it is gluten free and grows in all weather conditions. The name amaranth comes from a Greek word that means never-wilting. 


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This is why the amaranth seeds are grown from the harsh northern winter conditions to the coastal areas and are enjoyed incredibly. This grain-like seed has been cultivated for centuries all across the globe and has been used by several cultures as part of their rituals and in their staple diet. It is a highly nutritious, rich energy source that can be paired with a number of other ingredients to create delicious dishes.(1)

Explore the Benefits of Organic Ramdana (Roasted Amaranth) From I Say Organic

I Say Organic brings to you the most pure and organic form of the roasted amaranth seeds in our organic Ramdana online. We source this ramdana from Uttarakhand and ensure you get the best quality of amaranth in the country, grown in an organic manner without the use of chemicals and with all the essential nutrients intact. Here are some benefits of ramdana and why you should buy ramdana online from I Say Organic:


  • At I Say Organic, we ensure all our products, including the ramdana online are made without the use of chemicals, sourced from an authentic and genuine organic farm and delivered to your home. So you can purchase it without worrying about any impurities.
  • Our ramdana price is very reasonable and you can surely buy ramdana without making it heavy on your pocket. Our affordable price of ramdana per kg and high quality is what makes our products one of the most popular ones.
  • Ramdana is a highly nutritious and gluten free grain that has numerous uses in the kitchen. You can use it in several recipes for maintaining your weight and improving your health.


Nutritional Benefits Of Ramdana

  • Amaranth is an ancient grain rich in fibre and protein along with several micronutrients that are essential for your body. It is packed with manganese which is highly important for your brain function. (2)
  • It contains high amounts of phosphorus, which helps in strengthening the bones and is also rich in iron, which helps your body produce more blood. Thus it is an important source of these essential nutrients. (3)
  • It contains antioxidants which naturally help your body in fighting free radicals and promoting good health. (4)
  • It may help reduce bad cholesterol levels, as found in a study. (5) It also helps increase the levels of good cholesterol. 
  • Amaranth contains ample amount of fibre which stimulates the digestive system and provides a feeling of fullness, making you eat lesser amounts of food, and aid in weight loss.


Why Buy From I Say Organic?

I Say Organic is a popular brand that offers sustainable and organic food products sourced from genuine farms where crops are grown without chemicals. It is high time to start thinking about what we put into our body, and moving towards organic food is the future for our world. 


I Say Organic is a step towards the right direction, and provides high quality, sustainable products such as grains, rice, fruits, vegetables, cooking essentials, condiments, and everything you need to make your lifestyle healthier and more sustainable.



Is Ramdana good for health?

Ramdana is ideal for consuming if you want to lose weight, maintain your body health and increase immunity. It contains lots of nutrients essential for the body.


Is amaranth hot or cold for the body?

According to Ayurveda, Amaranth has a cold potency and energises the body, but at the same time relaxes your muscles.


Can we eat amaranth daily?

Yes, it is healthy to eat amaranth daily as it contains loads of nutrients and other important minerals for daily health.


Is amaranth difficult to digest?

Although amaranth is a grain, it is easier to digest as compared to other grains because of its amino acid complex, which may also improve digestion.

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